We have documented the deliberate killing of Palestinian civilians, including journalists, by the occupation forces while they were trying to catch the signal for communications and the internet to connect with their families or workplaces.

The killings are carried out through direct targeting by sniping and shooting from drones in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

In less than a week, we have documented the martyrdom of at least 7 civilians in the North Gaza Governorate, after they were directly targeted by drones of the occupation army in the Al-Bashir area in Tal Al-Zaatar in the Jabalia camp, while they were trying to connect to the internet to check on their relatives and friends.

As a result of the “israeli” forces destroying mobile phone transmission stations and telecommunications exchanges, Palestinian civilians resort to high places in an attempt to catch a communications signal from alternative networks to operate the internet on electronic cards.

The “israeli” targeting of civilians while they attempt to catch communication and internet signals focuses on besieged areas, which are witnessing severe human rights violations, hindering journalistic coverage of these violations and preventing residents from transmitting them.

“Israel” has systematically destroyed, through targeting by its warplanes, the aerial transmission stations of mobile phone networks on the roofs of houses and buildings, and the telecommunications exchanges for the only land network in the Gaza Strip, leading to the disruption of communications and internet for the majority of the Gaza Strip most of the time.

Since October 7, 2023, “Israel” has completely cut off communications and the internet from the Strip at least 10 times, most of them coinciding with or before an escalation in the attack, and has almost destroyed the infrastructure operating the telecommunications networks.

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