Many historical structures and archeological monuments of Palestine are being destroyed by Israeli bombardment one after another. The Palestinian Resistance has called on UNESCO to take steps to protect these structures.

Recently, the largest and medieval Omari Mosque in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli bombing. At present, only the minaret of the mosque is standing intact. This historic structure has been a holy place for Christian and Muslim communities since at least the fifteenth century.

On Friday (Dec 8) the largest and oldest Omar Mosque in Gaza was seen razed to the ground. Now only the minaret is visible.

Gaza’s Ministry of Tourism and Archeology reported that Israel has destroyed 104 mosques since the start of the aggression on October 7.
But in the last few decades, the Israeli forces have crossed all levels of brutality. As a countermeasure to the attacks by Hamas, the occupiers are on a mission to almost destroy Gaza. Attacks are being carried out in various parts of Gaza almost every day. Innocent Palestinian women, children, and men are being indiscriminately killed under the pretext of eliminating Hamas.
More than 17,700 people have lost their lives so far in the attack by Israeli forces in Gaza. At least 7,500 of them are children. In addition, more than 1.9 million people have become completely homeless.

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