Israeli women soldiers forced 5 Palestinian women from Hebron to undress !

During a Hebron raid in July, Israeli women soldiers with her rifles and an attacking dog, from the canine unit, forced five Palestinian females from the same family to strip naked, each one separately.

According to the explanation of the family, The soldiers threatened to release the dog if the Palestinian women did not comply. On Monday, 10 July 2023, in the morning, dozens of masked Israeli soldiers, with an attacking dog, entered homes belonging to the extended Ajlouni family in Hebron and forced five women to strip naked in front of their frightened children and the other soldiers, the B’Tselem says.

This action from Israeli soldiers, stripping naked the women in Hebron, drew strong Palestinian official and local criticism who denounced it pointing to Israel’s lack of moral values. Israeli Soldiers entering Palestinian homes, with their dogs, in the middle of the night by force, and stitching fear and terror, wreaking havoc, dehumanizing Palestinian families, become a part of the violent routine used by the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank toward Palestinian people.

The Palestinian woman, Diala ‘Ajlouni, a 24-year-old mother of three daughters explained how Israeli female soldiers forced her to undress while threatening to set a dog on her. She said, ‘On Monday, 10 July 2023, at around 1:30 A.M., my husband, Harbi, 37, and I were awakened by screaming in the building.

Harbi got up and opened the door to our bedroom, and that’s when we saw about eight masked soldiers with two big dogs with muzzles inside our apartment. Our three daughters who were sleeping with us in our room, Linda (5 years old), Loujain (4 years old), and Ayala (3 months old), woke up and started screaming and crying when they saw the dogs and soldiers.

Loujain was so frightened that she wet her pants. The soldiers pointed their weapons at my husband, so I shouted at them to move away from him, but then they took him out of the room and did not allow me to follow him.

My daughters were shaking with fear. We stayed in the room for about another 20 minutes, and then an officer came in and ordered me to leave the room with them. I tried to put the older girls’ shoes on, but the solider didn’t let me. I picked up Ayala, and I left the room with Lujayn and Linda clinging to me.

The officer led us towards the door. I asked him to let me take 2,000 NIS that I was keeping in one of the rooms, but he wouldn’t. They took us out of the building and led us down a dirt path to my brother-in-law ‘Abdallah’s house, about 20 meters from our building. One of their attacking dogs walked right next to us the whole way, and my two older daughters walked barefoot and didn’t stop crying. 

Completely ignoring the dignity, physical integrity and lives of Palestinians, including their children unfortunately became normal.

Reported by: Esraa Abu Khader

Edited by: Lawrence Maushard

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