On Monday, July 17, 2023, Palestinian children gathered to demonstrate in Gaza’s seaport appealing for their basic rights to live in peace, with an end to the Israeli occupation siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2005.

They threw bottles into the sea containing their messages, hoping they would reach the international community all around the world.

A number of Palestinian kids also expressed their own particular wishes, simply for their basic human rights to be respected:

Ahmed Ali, 10, wished, “If only we had clean water, so me and my little sisters didn’t get sick all the time.”

Hossam Balousha, 12, asked, “I wish we had more teachers and classrooms, but Israel won’t let the building materials in. The school now is so noisy I can’t concentrate.”

The Gaza siege took away the basic human rights of Palestinian people that others take for granted. This includes the right to true education. Gazan students can not travel to benefit from international higher education opportunities or scholarships. Also, they are denied the right to proper medical care.

In their statement, the children urged the international community to hold Israel accountable for making their life a living hell and to end the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

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