Children all over the world have to have special rights and concerns that contribute to the growth of the individual, which helps to create a healthy child with strong mental, psychological, physical, and overall well-being that helps to build a great future.

Palestinian children live as a victim of all types of Zionist occupation terrorism.

The apartheid Israeli occupation regularly intimidates, displaces, kills, and violates Palestinian children’s legitimate rights. Every day, every hour, and every minute in Palestine, there are continuing violations in all areas of its children’s health, psychological, educational, and social life.

Since 2005, Israeli occupation forces murdered at least 2270  Palestinian children.

The current proportion of children in Palestine is 52.6% of the total population. Thus, the violation of the children’s rights is a violation of and a threat to the Palestinian people and their future as a whole.

 Palestinian children in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip living under Israeli occupation are denied their rights to life, education, suitable housing, and access to healthcare, in addition to other rights.


In the occupied West Bank, students from villages near Israeli settlements are subject to another season of torment.

Some schools like Al-Lubban al-Sharqiya school in Al-Khalil, whose students are accustomed to morning attacks carried out by settlers or the occupation forces, are often targeted during classes, with occupation forces firing tear gas canisters at their schools.

Adding further challenge, the West Bank cities and towns are separated by several checkpoints that hinder the students’ easy access to their schools, often subjecting students to cruelty and humiliation at the hands of soldiers.

Additionally, some Israeli settlers provocatively block roads in front of students, intimidating and threatening them to not return.

In besieged Gaza, the picture of Israeli barbarism is not different.

The consequences of the long years of ongoing Israeli siege have aggregately impacted the education sector, which now lacks vital educational materials including books, specific papers, and machines that are commonly used in the school laboratories and elsewhere.

The long hours of cut electricity and the rising poverty rate hinders some families from buying new school uniforms and classroom supplies for their children.

Additionally, families who live near the eastern separation fence from Israel send their children to school in fear of being shot by snipers by the occupation forces stationed in the area.

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation authority has taken extensive steps to eliminate any display of Palestinian identity in schools, changing the curricula, tampering with students’ access to knowledge, intimidating them by hindering their access to school, and issuing decisions to prevent entry of Palestinian textbooks into the occupied municipality.

By banning Palestinian books, the occupation authorities seek to impose the curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education in the occupation government in order to impose the Israeli narrative.

Article 50 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantee the right of people under occupation to obtain an education that matches their beliefs and to protect their culture and heritage from change or distortion.

Occupation authorities bypass international law by forcibly controlling schools. Today, 86 percent of occupied East Jerusalem is under the direct control of the Israeli government and settlements.

Home demolitions:

After demolishing their homes and displacing their families, Palestinian children continue to suffer for a long period of time, affecting their mentality, health, and education.

The Israeli government dispossesses Palestinian land, destroys Palestinian houses, and destroys water infrastructure in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem by employing a biased judicial system.

When issuing demolition orders, the Israeli government does not take the plight of Palestinians and their economic status into account, which forces hundreds of families to leave Palestine since there are no shelters for them.

“Israeli authorities have implemented a punitive home demolition policy against Palestinians alleged to have committed or attempted an attack against Israeli civilians or soldiers, destroying more than 2,000 Palestinian homes since 1967.” according to Dci.

Health care:

The Israeli occupation siege of the Gaza Strip and its denial of access to equipment and medicines deprive children of their right to life and health.

Due to Israeli closure policies, a protracted military occupation, and frequent military offensives, Palestinian children are denied access to health care, and their right to health is significantly damaged. Also, many Palestinian kids have been severely crippled and suffered from long-term trauma, and they are unable to obtain adequate treatment.

The health sector in Gaza is now in crisis as a result of Israel’s long-term siege of the Strip. Israel prevents patients and their families from leaving Gaza, as well as vital and life-saving pharmaceutical and medical supplies from entering the imprisoned enclave.

Travel to and from the Gaza Strip is still subject to stringent restrictions imposed by Israeli occupation authorities.

Israeli closure policies prohibit traumatized children from getting the psychosocial help they need to heal, and handicapped Palestinian children from receiving the resources they need to live full and healthy lives.

Israeli officials often deny permission for children to leave Gaza who needs medical treatment that cannot be obtained within Gaza.

Palestinian children detainees:

Approximately 170 Palestinian children are held and tried in Israeli military courts, some of whom were only 12 to 14 years old when they were imprisoned.

since the outbreak of the Aqsa Intifada (Uprising) in September 2000, around 19,000 Palestinian children have been arrested by the Israeli occupation state, including children under 10 years old.

Palestinian children in Israeli detention suffer poor health, lack cultural and psychological care — there are no counselors in the prisons — and are often held alongside Israeli criminals.

Their arrests are frequently at night and often involve intimidation and abuse, as well as inhumane means of restraint and transport intended to destroy their spirit.

The whole process has a profound psychological, physical, and social effect on them.