Israeli occupation authorities have been continuing their attempts to Judaize the holy city. Judaized plans attempt to “Israelize Palestinian curricula to mislead the students and create a new Jerusalemite generation, fed with Israeli occupation propaganda in an effort to educate children into an Israeli mindset.

The educational researcher and specialist in occupied Jerusalem, Zayd Al-qeeq, said that intensifying the Israeli infiltration into the Palestinian education curriculum in occupied Jerusalem is part of an ongoing plan to eliminate any presence of Palestinians. If Palestinians are non-compliant, the so-called Minister of Finance will freeze education funds in Jerusalem and disallow work permits.

Zayd also added that at the beginning of June 2023, one of the members of the Likud party submitted a project to Knesset, stipulating schools “to be in conformity with the Israeli curriculum” The schools targeted were to be the schools of occupied Jerusalem.

He emphasized that imposing the Israeli curriculum and forcibly preventing the teaching of the Palestinian curriculum would lead to Jerusalem educational institutions facing two resolutions: either to close down or to accept the Israeli curriculum. In order to preserve their identity and heritage the Palestinian institutions would have to find ways to weaken the role of the curriculum and increase that of the teachers.

Reported by Zaina Kamel Abdelwahed

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