Various US university campuses are in uproar in protest of Israel’s indiscriminate attack on Gaza, Palestine. Students boycotted classes in many universities. In such a situation, hundreds of protesters were arrested by the US police to suppress the movement.

About 108 people were arrested at Emerson College in the city on Wednesday night local time, according to CBS News, according to the police in Boston, Massachusetts. Earlier in the evening, 93 people were taken into police custody from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

Protesters and police also clashed at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The authorities said that 34 people have been arrested from there. These new arrests come after massive arrests of protesters at Columbia, Yale and New York universities.

A pro-Palestinian protest on the Emerson University campus in Boston

The Palestinian independence organization Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. Since that day, Israeli forces have continued to attack Gaza indiscriminately. 34 thousand 305 Palestinians were killed in the valley in the attack that lasted for more than six months. Apart from this, there is a severe humanitarian crisis due to a lack of food, water, and medical equipment.

Students gathered Wednesday to protest at the University of Southern California’s Alumni Park. At this time they were stopped by the riot police. Protesters were told to leave within 10 minutes by an announcement from a police helicopter. However, the students who remained at the scene were arrested for trespassing.

The protests at the University of Southern California were reportedly peaceful at first. Later the tension spread with the presence of the police. When the police tried to arrest a woman, the protesters threw water bottles. At this time, they started chanting – ‘Leave him.’ Besides, they surrounded the police officers and chanted ‘I want the liberation of Palestine’.

Protesting students have been hanging tents on the campus of Boston University since last Sunday. It has been alleged that they did not move from there despite being warned. Boston police told CBS News that three of their officers were injured in the clashes with the protesters. One of them is in critical condition. No student was injured in the clash.

Meanwhile, the Emerson College authorities have not yet made any statement regarding the arrest of the protesters. Earlier in a statement they said, the college authorities support the right of peaceful protest. At the same time, the protestors were urged to obey the law.

A policeman rode a horse to disperse protesters at the University of Texas

Police officers and local residents rushed to remove protesters from the University of Texas on Wednesday. Policemen riding horses with batons dispersed the protestors. This created a chaotic situation in the university campus. Texas governor says these protesters ‘should be in jail’

Various videos published on social media showed policemen trying to push back the protesters. They ordered the protesters to leave the university campus. If there is an exception to this, a warning of arrest is also given. According to the police, 34 people have been arrested from the university.

Meanwhile, a photographer from US media Fox News 7 was seen lying on the ground with his camera. He was surrounded by riot police. Later, the media reported that the photographer was arrested.

Protesters call on US universities to ‘separate from genocide’ They also demanded not to give scholarships to the institutions that are supporting Israel’s attack on Gaza in various ways, including the production of weapons.