UPDATES from the Gaza Strip on the 15th day of the Israeli aggression: 21st October 2023.

  • The exception of the fuel out of the aid coming to the Gaza Strip poses Health services with dangerous repercussions. Only 3% of the daily needs came to the enclave through the Rafah checkpoint today.
  • Israeli forces killed 248 and injured 400 in the past 24 hours. This includes 29 families.
  • Israeli airstrikes targeted 550 families since the beginning of the Israeli aggression killing 3353 citizens, and many civilians still under the rubble.
  • The total death toll of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip rose to 4,385 deaths including 1756 children and 967 women, in addition to 13,561 injuries since the start of escalation on the morning of 7 October.
  • 70% of the victims are children, women, and the elderly.
  • Seven hospitals and 25 healthcare centers are now out of service due to running out of fuel.
    Beds occupancy in the hospitals reached more than 150%, which led to insulting tents to absorb the huge number of injuries.
  • The Ministry of Health in Gaza calls on retired staff and freshly graduated students to volunteer in all majors.
  • The Ministry of Health in Gaza calls on the international community and our brothers in the Republic of Egypt to import fuel and medical supplies to the hospitals.
  • 164,000 housing units were partially or completely damaged. Distributed as follows: 5,635 residential buildings were completely demolished by the occupation, comprising 15,100 housing units, while around 139,000 housing units were partially damaged, of which 10,656 units are uninhabitable.
  • 67 government headquarters and dozens of public facilities and services were destroyed or severely damaged by the occupation.
  • The occupation continues to target educational institutions, with 176 schools suffering various damages, 30 of which are out of service.
  • The total number of displaced persons has reached approximately 1.4 million citizens, half of whom are in 217 shelter centers, and the others are residing with host gatherings of relatives, friends, and others

In addition, the following hospitals are out of service totally or partially:
A- Totally out of service:
1- Beit Hanoun Hospital
2- Durha Pediatric Hospital
3- AL Karama Hospital
4- Al Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital
5- Patient’s Friends Hospital
B- Hospitals Partially out of service:
1-Turkish Friendship Cancer Hospital
2-Mental Health Hospital

The local authorities affirm that the humanitarian aid convoy that entered today, consisting of 20 trucks, some loaded with water, canned goods, and a few with medications and medical supplies, is far less than the needs of the Gaza Strip under normal circumstances. Typically, more than 500 trucks loaded with various necessities would enter the Strip daily.

These convoys, and dozens like them, currently do not meet the needs of the Strip both in terms of quantity and quality, especially in light of the non-entry of fuel, which has become a priority for the operation of all service sectors due to its scarcity in some areas and depletion in others.

UNRWA reported 544,113 people are sheltering in 147 schools, some of which are designated emergency shelters. 69,659 in 67 non-UNRWA schools, and around 101,250 took shelter in the Orthodox center, churches in Gaza City, hospitals, and other public buildings. In addition, MoSD estimates that there are around 700,000 IDPs in the host community. Bringing the number of IDPs to around 1,400,000. That is, about 60% of the Gaza Strip’s population has become displaced, half of whom are in emergency shelter centers and the other half in host communities.

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