The English Department at the Islamic University of Gaza held On June 10 a distinguished exhibition entitled Victorian Era Day.

The exhibition included 10 sections, each one showing an aspect of life in the Victorian era. More than 100 students from the English Department were involved. The main purpose of this event was to demonstrate the students’ talents and to show how life in the Victorian Era is connected to the Palestinian situation today.

According to Dr. Mahmoud Baroud, Head of the University’s English Language Department, this exhibition was an idea emanating from the Victorian course, which is one of the modules of the Majors.
“We wanted this show to embody theories and to be practiced in reality,” Baroud added, “and we tried to link the exhibition with what is happening in Palestine.”

Dr. Waseem Alkilani, a professor at the university, noted that the message that is conveyed by the event is that regardless of the hard circumstances in Gaza, the students can show creativity in all the different activities with which they are engaged. They show how they are cultured and well-educated, seeking a better future without the Israeli Occupation.

“We are always trying to improve our students, discover their talents, and practice the course practically, not to be limited to teaching the course theoretically,” Alkilani confirmed.

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