16th October Media Group, in partnership with the Palestinian Artists Association and under the auspices of the Malaysian Cultural Center, organized a distinguished artistic operetta entitled “When Kids Dream” on Saturday, January 29, 2022, at Rashad Al–Shawa Theater in Gaza City.

This artistic operetta sheds light on a series of national and humanitarian issues, foremost of which is the presentation of some of the suffering of Palestinian children under Israeli occupation, the continuous violations against them, the continuous aggressions, and the deprivation of practicing their normal lives like any human being on this planet.

This operetta comes after 16 years of suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip and is one of the important means of delivering the Palestinian message to the world, as well as expressing the human rights of Palestinians guaranteed by international law.

This distinguished work Is one of the first achievements of the 16th October Media Group for the year 2022, which aims to defend the Palestinian cause, monitor the violations of the occupation, and export them internationally by all possible means.

Wafaa Al-Udaini, head of the 16th October Media Group said, the event aims to educate the world by using the artistic event so that Palestinian voices can be conveyed to the world.

To watch the full video follow this link channel:

16th October is a group of media activists and journalists from Gaza who work to serve the Palestinian cause by communicating the Palestinian reality to the international community. They also work to expose the crimes and violations of the occupation against the Palestinians, and to refute the false narratives of the Israelis.” The team’s work focuses on educating Palestinian youth to speak out and defend their cause and deliver their message to the world through video reports, publishing on social media, preparing press interviews and television programs, and training English-speaking youth to speak and defend the cause in the local media and internationally”.

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